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Unique. Bold. Free. It is what we are.

Zubbleland is a non-AU roleplaying community, for muses belonging to the entertainment industry. All musicians, actors, television personalities, models, and artists of any genre, type, sort and nationality welcome here. Basically, if you reside on planet Earth and are a celebrity of some kind, you are welcome here.

Rules of Play

  • What you do in your own journal or over AIM is not our concern. What happens inside the community is.
  • This community operates under the assumption that everyone is communicating in a common language. However it makes the most sense to you, that's how it works.
  • There is no uber/out-of-game(OOG) allowed in the community. Some of us just want to relax and have a good time, and not talk about things like muns, or the mechanics of being a muse.
  • This is an anonymous community, please keep it that way. This is not their game, it is ours. People attempting to ferret out the identity of muns will be banned if it is brought to our attention.
  • This should be pretty obvious, since this is a non-AU game, but no claiming dead people.
  • Don't be a wanker. Be realistic. No godmoding.

Posting Requirements

This community operates on a bimonthly posting requirement. Otherwise, you are required to post every two calendar months. Cuts will be made on the first day of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

If your claim is made after the 15th of the month prior to cuts being made, you will not be cut.

We reserve the right to cut people outside of these dates, if we feel they are taking up unnecessary space, or if they're causing trouble.


Join the community, and join the OOG community, outsidezubble. Also, please add an disclaimer like the one below to your journal userinfo. After you have done this, post the following to the community: Your name, what you do, your journal, and your aim name. One of the moderators will approve you, and then you're free to go. Please refrain from commenting outside of your claims post until you're approved.

Your moderators are

Pete Burns underperfection ten inch waist

Shuuji Ishii 4rt0fmediocrity DidISayThatXXX

Disclaimer: Zubbleland is a roleplaying community, and exists for entertainment purposes, only. The community itself nor any of the journals belonging to it are meant to represent the artist they play, nor to provide an accurate portrayal of their personal or public lives.

We know we are not who we pretend to be, and we hope that you do, too. It's all in fun.